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Backlawn Hardwearing Lawn Seed (HM4)

Backlawn Hardwearing Lawn Seed (HM4)

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Brand Maltbys' Stores

BACK LAWN  50%  Amenity Perennial Ryegrass 50% Creeping Red Fescue Ideal sowing rate: 40/45 gms per square metre (COVERS UP TO 40 SQUARE METRES) A mixture designed for use in situations of high wear and heavy use asfound in children’s playing areas. Perennial Ryegrass exhibits very good wear tolerance and will remain green throughout all but the driest and sunniest of summers. Red Fescue will bind the turf togetherto help form a tough durable surface. These types of mixtures should not be cut too short – the best cutting height is about 15mm.
Lawn seed needs warmth, water and sunlight to grow.
Frost in the week after sowing will kill lawn seed so please only sow when there is no chance of frost usually April to September
Germination can in warm wet weather be as quick as 14 days but in colder weather (especially after a cold winter when soil temperature can be low) will take much longer.
Drought is another factor which will severely delay germination – the seed will ‘wait’ until conditions are better- although watering helps a bit ( almost impossible to have an impact on a large area) there is nothing as good as rain fall.
It is advisable to wear gloves when handling lawn seed as it is possible to have an allergic reaction to it.

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