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Bait Masters Halibut Booster
Bait Masters Halibut Booster
Bait Masters Halibut Booster

Bait Masters Halibut Booster

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Brand Bait Masters

Bait Masters Bait Booster liquid flavour/attractors can be used in several fishing situations: as a soak to maximise the effectiveness of your boilies, or added to your groundbait mix. Especially effective when using the method feeder. 
Simply put a few of your hookbaits into a plastic bag and add 10ml of Bait Booster liquid. Shake well, making sure your baits are well coated, then leave for a couple of minutes. Your baits are now ready to use and with the enhanced flavour oozing out the fish will find them truly irresistible.
Available flavours:
Fish Oil
Size: 150ml

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Our fishing baits range has grown extensively over the past few years, and we now stock a wide range of fishing products from a host of trusted suppliers, including:
Bait Masters
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