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Bait-Tech Sticky Method Groundbait

Bait-Tech Sticky Method Groundbait

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Brand Bait-Tech

Pre-Drilled Halibut and Krill Pellets

This is a handy pack of Pre-Drilled Mixed Pellets which contains both Halibut Marines and Krill Pellets in 8, 14 & 20mm sizes. Both types of pellets are proven big fish catchers that are packed full of protein and hi-leakage attractors. They are easy to hair rig and each pack contains and a pot will last you way more than one session.

These high protein, high oil pellets are packed with high leakage attractants that will slowly release in your swim. A slow breakdown means higher attraction levels over longer periods, perfect for big fish anglers and proven as THE pellet on many of today’s top waters.

The Krill pellets boast even higher protein levels and packed with the super attractive krill & shrimp meal with crustaceans which gives them the red, these pellets have the pulling power making them distinctly different from the majority of other pellets on the market.

This handy pack contains pre-drilled pellets that are easy to hair rig and each pack contains between 175-190 hookbaits.

    • Super oily attraction
    • Top grade pellets
    • Available in a range of sizes
    • Carp go crazy for these!

Pre-Drilled Halibut & Krill Pellets come in 300g Tubs

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