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Cuttlefish Bone
Cuttlefish Bone
Cuttlefish Bone

Cuttlefish Bone

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Cuttlefish bone, sometimes just called ‘cuttlebone’, is a hard, white, chalky substance usually in an elongated oblong shape, similar to a canoe. Because they are a natural product they can vary largely in size, but most cuttlefish bones are between 7-10cm (3-5”) in length. Cuttlefish bone is not actually a 'bone' at all, but rather the hard inner shell of a cuttlefish, which is a type of sea mollusc. They are a naturally occurring by-product, sourced from countries predominantly in Europe and East Asia where cuttlefish are harvested as a food product for humans. They can also regularly be found washed up naturally on beaches.

Cuttlefish bones have been harvested and used for centuries for many different purposes, including in the jewellery-making and carving industries and even formerly as an additive in toothpaste! Nowadays, cuttlefish bones are most commonly used as a dietary supplement for pets.
Cage and Aviary Birds
Cuttlefish bones are great for cage birds, such as parrots, parakeets, budgies, and even canaries and finches. Because cuttlefish bones have around an 85% calcium content, they are perfect as a supplement for birds to help improve bone strength. They also don't contain any additives like some manmade chews, such as mineral blocks.
Cage and aviary birds love to peck at cuttlefish bone, and this is great as the hard texture helps them to strengthen and clean their beaks. Because they are entirely natural, cuttlefish bones contain absolutely no additives, colourings or substances that can be harmful to your birds.
Pet reptiles, such as tortoises, can also benefit hugely from being given cuttlefish bones. The high calcium content helps them to build strong and healthy bones, reducing the risk of metabolic bone disease, and chewing the bone will help prevent a tortoise's beak from becoming overgrown.
Rodents and Other Small Animals
It's not just birds and reptiles that may benefit from cuttlefish bones. They can also be given to many small rodents, such as chinchillas, as a safe chew for them to gnaw on. The act of gnawing prevents rodents' teeth becoming overlong, aiding with feeding and preventing other health issues.
Product Information
Approximate size per chew: 7-10cm (3-5”)
Approximate quantity per 100g: 10-20 pieces
Available sizes: 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg

LOVED BY MANY – At Maltbys’, we understand that keeping cage or aviary birds as pets can be hugely rewarding - they’re sociable, highly intelligent, and beautiful to look at. We also know that you will want to make sure you are giving your pet birds the best quality food and treats available

TAILOR-MADE NUTRITION – Our selection of foods for cage and aviary birds have each been specifically tailored to meet the dietary requirements of the intended species, to ensure your birds have all the nutritional goodness they require

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – We source only the best quality foods we can find at the fairest possible prices, which means that not only will your birds be happy, but you’ll be happy too!

A supplementary feed product for cage and aviary birds. To be used as part of a balanced diet.

Please note: all product images used are for informational and display purposes only. Actual product may differ in size, colour or amount from any images shown. Cuttlefish can be easily damaged, including being chipped or broken, in transit. Depending on the bag size you order, you may receive a mix of whole and broken cuttlefish pieces.

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