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Dried Calciworms

Dried Calciworms

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Calci worms are the larvae of the black soldier fly and are a natural nutrient rich feeder insect. High in protein, energy giving fat and amino acids and uniquely high in essential calcium. In fact, they have a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio meaning they aid the development of strong bones and eggs in all insectivore vertebrates including garden birds and hedgehogs.
They can be fed as a treat on their own or mixed with other foods. Suitable for feeding on the ground on bird tables or in seed feeders.
Research shows that feeding a balanced Ca:P ratio increases animal health and contributes to stronger bones and eggs. Black soldier fly larvae have a naturally high calcium content and as such are an excellent addition to the diet of breeding birds and growing vertebrates such as birds and hedgehogs. Best used as part of a balanced diet and not fed to excess.
Calcium is especially important for egg laying birds and all growing vertebrates including squirrels and hedgehogs. Calcium deficiency can result in poor soft shells in laying birds  and a potentially fatal bone disorder known as metabolic bone disease. Feeding calcium worms as part of a balanced diet is one way to increase consumption of this vital nutrient.
Calci worms are a great treat for hedgehogs due to the high calcium content, as well as wild birds, reptiles and fish.

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