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Fish Meal
Fish Meal
Fish Meal

Fish Meal

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There are a huge range of premade fishing baits available on the market today, but we know that many people who fish as a pastime prefer to make their own. With this in mind, we have sourced a selection of high quality ingredients that can be used to make a range of fishing baits, including boilies, groundbait and cooked particle mixes. All of these can be flavoured with any liquid, powder or natural additive you choose, but if you do not want to do the flavouring yourself, we also sell a huge range of ready-boosted boilies, pellets and groundbaits.
If you are looking to make your own boilies or powdered groundbaits, our fishing powders range is perfect for you. This range includes all the base ingredients you will need, including breadcrumbs (available in brown, white and red varieties), semolina flour, maize flour, fish meal, ground trout pellets and ground halibut pellets. You just need to add your own flavourings for groundbaits, or mix with eggs and flavourings to begin making your own boilies. For groundbaits we recommend adding powdered flavours, such as dried fruit powder or fish meal, to prevent clumping.

LOVED BY MANY – At Maltbys’ Stores, we understand that fishing can be a rewarding a hugely enjoyable pastime, allowing you to spend time in the great outdoors and giving you a vital opportunity to unwind
A GREAT CHOICE – We have worked closely with our suppliers to source a range of high-quality fishing baits that will satisfy everyone, from the most discerning angler to those who are new to the hobby and looking for a place to start
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Our fishing baits range includes a huge variety of complete fishing pellets, flavoured baits, groundbait, boilies, and a range of flours, particles and powders that can be used to make your own baits at home.

A base ingredient for use in fishing baits.

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