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Green Manure Mustard Seed

Green Manure Mustard Seed

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Brand Maltbys' Stores

Green manures are fast-growing plants sown to cover bare soil. Often used in the vegetable garden, their foliage smothers weeds and their roots prevent soil erosion. When dug into the ground while still green, they return valuable nutrients to the soil and improve soil structure.

Why Buy this product?

Highly popular annual green manure or fodder crop
It requires little cultivation to grow & a low fertiliser requirement
Quick to establish & suppresses weeds
Naturally resilient to pests
Holds nitrogen
Not winter hardy, however we use the variety ZLATA, this is more winter hardy than other varieties of Yellow Mustard
Very cost effective
Can be sown in Spring or Autumn, and provides fast cover by September
Sow April - August 

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