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Green Manure Mustard Seed
Green Manure Mustard Seed
Green Manure Mustard Seed

Green Manure Mustard Seed

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What are green manure seeds?
A green manure is any one of a number of fast-growing, hardy plants designed to be used on patches of bare soil. You might use green manure plants to cover over spaces between two existing crop areas, or you may plant them after a crop harvest before the time the next crops are due to be sowed in. They are regularly used on allotments or vegetable gardens, as their foliage helps to smother weeds and improves the soil structure. If using between two crop cycles, the green plants can be dug into the ground in spring to return crucial nutrients to the soil before the next crop.

How should I use green manure?
Green manure plants are generally used between late summer and autumn, as many of these hardy plants will grow long into winter. This will help keep the soil structure secure and solid during the winter months, preventing valuable nutrients from being washed away before the following spring when the next crops will be planted. Green manures are fast growing plants designed to take quickly in barren soil, and their foliage suppresses weed growth and provides shelter for beneficial ground insects.

What sort of green manure is right for me?
Different spaces will benefit from different green manure plants, and different plants are more beneficial at different times of the year. Winter rye and tares, for example, will grow right through the winter in most climates and can then be incorporated back into the soil the following spring, while mustard seed is best used during the intervals between one crop and the next, generally being sown around late September. There are a number of helpful gardening blogs and websites online that can give you in-depth information about green manures, and help you decide what is best for you.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – Green manure plants can be hugely beneficial to healthy plant growth, as their foliage helps to smother weeds and their roots help to prevent soil erosion
COST EFFECTIVE – Our green manure products are very fast germinators, many providing full coverage only a few months after planting, and using green manures helps to protect your crops and can significantly reduce the cost and labour of removing weeds and other invasive plants
A RANGE OF OPTIONS – Our green manures range includes a wide variety of different plant species, including mustard, black rape, vetch and radish


Green manure seed product for outdoor agricultural and garden use. 

Any images shown are for demonstrative purposes; actual product may differ in appearance.

This product has been packaged and stored in a facility where it may have come into contact with common allergens, including peanuts, milk, egg, wheat and fish products. Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Ltd do not sell any products that are intended for human consumption.

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