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Mixed Millets Finch Seed
Mixed Millets Finch Seed
Mixed Millets Finch Seed

Mixed Millets Finch Seed

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Brand Maltbys' Stores

An all-round mix for most Foreign Finches.

Composition: yellow millet, panicum millet, red millet, jap millet and vegetable oil.

We stock different types of Millet: White, Japanese, Red and Panicum, all of them are suitable for Budgerigars, seed-eating birds, Parrots and Parakeets. We also supply a mixture of all the Millets. (Panicum is ideal for the small Foreign seed-eaters such as Zebra Finches and Waxbills).
Red Millet has high-levels of protein and is often chosen by bird-keepers because of its health benefits and its affordability.
Red Millet contains beneficial complex carbohydrates that break down slowly in a birds’ digestive system which means they provide long-lasting energy.

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