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Pond Flake Fish Food
Pond Flake Fish Food
Pond Flake Fish Food

Pond Flake Fish Food

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Brand Maltbys' Stores

Fish flakes are an ideal choice if you have smaller fish species, as they will remain on the surface rather than sinking to the bottom, encouraging the smaller fish to come up and eat. If you have larger fish species we would usually recommend pellets or sticks, as these will naturally sink over time which will allow your bottom and middle feeders to get to them.

Pond Flake
Our pond flake is a comprehensive feed for many species of coldwater pond fish. It can also be used for some tank and aquarium fish, such as goldfish. It has a lower protein content than our other fish foods which makes it ideal for small fish, and particularly if you have any baby fish in your pond that you are encouraging to feed.

Tropical Flake
Our tropical fish flakes are designed specifically to support the diets of tropical and community fish. They have a higher protein content than pond flakes, as well as all the minerals and vitamins your tropical fish need to support their growth, vitality and colour. It is suitable for a range of tropical fish species, including tetras, guppies, angelfish, cichlids and barbs.
LOVED BY MANY – At Maltbys’ Stores, we understand that keeping pond fish can be both rewarding a hugely enjoyable, which is why we have sourced a fantastic range of comprehensive pond foods
NUTRITIONALLY TAILORED – All of our pond foods are bursting with nutrients that are crucial for your pond fish, and are also highly digestible to suit their aquatic dietary needs
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Our pond foods are suitable for a wide range of species, including goldfish, koi, goby, orfe and all other freshwater varieties

A complete food product for pond fish.

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