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Premium Hedgehog with Calciworms

Premium Hedgehog with Calciworms

Brand Maltbys' Stores

Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Limited Premium Hedgehog Food with Dried Calciworms is a high protein pellet fortified with vitamins and minerals, then blended with delicious dried calciworms. This diet is scientifically formulated to meet your hedgehog’s vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fibre and digestive enzyme needs. Hedgehog Complete incorporates high protein complete biscuit along with Dried Calciworms to deliver a vitamin-fortified diet, containing complete nutrition necessary for growth, reproduction and development.
Formulated with 50% chicken, whole grain cereals and an optimum blend of omega 6 and 3 from linseed and fish oils.
Poultry meal (30% chicken), wheat, barley, maize, chicken fat, maize gluten, beet pulp (1.9%), salmon oil (1.25%), FOS (0.625%), minerals, linseed, yucca extract.
27% protein 15% fat 2.5% fibre 7.5% ash
Calci worms are the larvae of the black soldier fly and are a natural nutrient rich feeder insect. High in protein, energy giving fat and amino acids and uniquely high in essential calcium. In fact, they have a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio meaning they aid the development of strong bones and eggs in all insectivore vertebrates including garden birds and hedgehogs.

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