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ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult Dry Dog Food
ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult Dry Dog Food
ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult Dry Dog Food

ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult Dry Dog Food

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Brand Royal Canin

Your Pomeranian dog can face unique health sensitivities that can be supported by a diet that provides complete and balanced nutrition for their specific breed.
ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult is a tailor-made, breed-exclusive formula especially for adult Pomeranian dogs like yours.
Supporting your small dog’s bones and joints is important for their overall health and wellbeing. ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult contains advanced nutrients and an adapted mineral content to help support healthy joints and ligaments, while also helping to maintain optimal hydration of the joint cartilage.

ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult also helps to support the natural barrier function of your dog’s skin, while also nourishing the Pomeranian’s glorious coat. This formula is enriched with a specially adapted content of fatty acids, such as EPA, DHA, and borage oil.

This recipe uses high quality, highly digestible proteins to help support efficient digestion. Its balanced blend of fibres helps to facilitate healthy internal transit and promote optimal stool quality. Psyllium and prebiotics are also included to further support intestinal health.
ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult features tailor-made kibble, with an adapted shape, size, texture, and density to cater to the size and shape of the Pomeranian’s jaw. A dry kibble diet also supports good dental health, as each piece gently scrubs your dog’s teeth.
To appeal to each dog’s appetite, ROYAL CANIN® Pomeranian Adult is also available as wet food with a loaf-like texture and the same supportive nutrition. If your dog enjoys a diet of both wet and dry food, be sure to check the on-pack feeding guides to make sure you give them an accurate amount of each.
We believe that every dog is unique, which is why each individual recipe in the ROYAL CANIN® Breed Health Nutrition range provides complete and balanced nutrition to support breed-specific traits. Each breed-exclusive formula contains tailor-made kibble adapted in size, shape, and texture to appeal to each individual breed.

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