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Squirrel and Chipmunk Mix
Squirrel and Chipmunk Mix
Squirrel and Chipmunk Mix

Squirrel and Chipmunk Mix

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Brand Johnston & Jeff

Squirrels are naturally foraging animals, who love to root about and hunt for their food. Our squirrel food is a mix of barley, whole maize, striped sunflower seeds, monkey nuts in shells, peanuts, oats, locust beans and wheat, which means there are lots of different textures and shapes for them to explore. They will also spend a long time picking their way through to look for the tastiest morsels, which means you keep these cute little visitors in your garden for longer.

Like many animals, squirrels benefit from a varied diet. Our squirrel nut and seed mix is a great base which can be used alongside other nuts, such as walnuts or hazelnuts. Your local squirrels might also benefit from being provided with fresh fruit and veg, such as carrots, chopped apples, celery and spinach. Try shredding or finely chopping these first, to prevent the squirrels hiding or burying them round your garden.

Our squirrel mix can also be used as part of the diet of other small rodents, such as chipmunks. However, just as with squirrels, it is important that you supplement this with a range of other foods, including nuts, fruits and vegetables. Chipmunks benefit from having a diet rich in cereals, so try mixing some extra wheat, barley or millet into our squirrel mix before you give it to them.
LOVED BY MANY - At Maltbys’, we understand that feeding wild birds and squirrels is both a highly rewarding and entertaining pastime. Also, with many bird species sadly in decline, feeding wild birds is now more vital than ever in aiding conservation efforts.

TAILOR-MADE NUTRITION - We work closely with our suppliers to find the best quality wild bird foods we can source, and because we understand that different bird species have different dietary requirements, we sell a wide range of wild bird seeds and mixes to suit all avian dietary needs.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – We source only the best quality foods we can find at the fairest possible prices, which means that our wild bird foods will keep your feathered friends returning to your feeding station again and again!

ONE OF THE UK’S BIGGEST SUPPLIERS - We receive new stock on average every 3 weeks or less, which means that we always provide the freshest possible product we can to our customers. This helps the product to retain its essential natural oils and nutrients, and reduces the risk of mould.


A complete animal food product for squirrels and small rodents. To be used as part of a balanced diet.

Any images shown are for demonstrative purposes; actual product may differ in appearance.

This product has been packaged and stored in a facility where it may have come into contact with common allergens, including peanuts, milk, egg, wheat and fish products. Maltbys’ Stores 1904 Ltd do not sell any products that are intended for human consumption.

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