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Stroft GTM Fishing Line
Stroft GTM Fishing Line

Stroft GTM Fishing Line

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Brand Maltbys' Stores

Stroft is an extremely strong, abrasion resistant line that can be used for pole, feeder and waggler fishing. It is slightly thicker than the stated diameter but do not let this fool you as it is incredibly strong for it’s diameter. Stroft is also extremely popular with trout anglers. US Open Champion Kevin Gray was one the first to secure a major victory using Stroft line. Since then stroft has gone from strength to strength. Kevin says ‘I was one of the first to use Stroft line in the UK and since then I have never used anything else. I have tested it extensively against other lines and it is by far the strongest line for its diameter that I have ever found. If you do not believe me tie some to a length of any other line of the same diameter and then pull for a break. If you join the lines using a figure of 8 loop I can guarantee that the Stroft will not break first!

(Makes excellent fly leaders also) 100m per spool.

Diameter (mm) Breaking strain KG Breaking strain Lbs
0.06 0.7 1.54
0.08 0.9 1.98
0.09 1.2 2.64
0.10 1.4 3.08
0.11 1.6 3.52
0.12 1.8 3.24
0.13 2.0 4.4
0.14 2.3 4.14
0.15 2.6 5.72
0.16 3.0 5.4
0.17 3.3 7.26
0.18 3.6 6.48
0.19 3.9 8.58
0.20 4.2 7.56
0.22 5.1 9.18
0.23 5.4 11.88
0.24 5.8 12.76
0.25 6.4 14.08

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