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Suet Filled Coconut Halves
Suet Filled Coconut Halves
Suet Filled Coconut Halves

Suet Filled Coconut Halves

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Brand Johnston & Jeff

Coconut halves are a nutritional and high energy supplementary food for wild birds. They are made of a hollowed and cleaned out half of a coconut, which is then filled with a mixture of suet - a solidified mix of pure animal fats such as lard - which is mixed with seeds and cereals. They are incredibly high in fat content, meaning they can provide much needed sustenance for wild birds, particularly during the winter months.
Our coconut halves are sold in multipacks containing either 6, 10 or 32 halves. Although they can be used on feeding tables, they are also sold with a string loop which allows them to be hung from fences, hooks or tree branches. We would recommend hanging them somewhere that birds can perch to peck at the suet, and well away from potential predators. Also, during the summer months, we would recommend not hanging your coconuts in direct sunlight.
Suet is a high-fat foodstuff which is easily metabolised by most wild birds, making coconut halves a fantastic choice for a huge range of wild bird species. Bramblings, goldfinches, greenfinches, dunnocks, buntings, chaffinches, house and tree sparrows, song thrushes, linnets, nuthatches and great spotted woodpeckers can all benefit from having coconut halves available as a supplement to other seeds and feed mixes.

Product Information
Available Sizes: x5, x10, x32
Composition: Cereals, oils and fats, seeds, minerals

LOVED BY MANY - At Maltbys’, we understand that feeding wild birds is both a highly rewarding and entertaining pastime. Also, with many bird species sadly in decline, feeding wild birds is now more vital than ever in aiding conservation efforts.

TAILOR-MADE NUTRITION - We work closely with our suppliers to find the best quality wild bird foods we can source, and because we understand that different bird species have different dietary requirements, we sell a wide range of wild bird seeds and mixes to suit all avian dietary needs.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – We source only the best quality foods we can find at the fairest possible prices, which means that our wild bird foods will keep your feathered friends returning to your feeding station again and again!

ONE OF THE UK’S BIGGEST SUPPLIERS - We receive new stock on average every 3 weeks or less, which means that we always provide the freshest possible product we can to our customers. This helps the product to retain its essential natural oils and nutrients, and reduces the risk of mould.


A complete food product intended for wild bird feeding. Maltbys’ Stores do not sell any products intended for human consumption.

This product has been stored and packaged in a warehouse where it may have come into contact with common allergens, including (but not limited to): milk, egg, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

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